Hidden-camera activist gets camera shy!

And now for the ever-popular you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up! category: James O’Keefe likes to make headlines with his hidden-camera stunts, but he objects to being videotaped himself—even openly. Or so the Asbury Park Press says it learned while trying to record his recent speech to members of the Bayshore Tea Party in Keyport, NJ, only to have its videographer barred.

As David Carr at The New York Times puts it:

So what kind of journalist, especially one whose primary medium is video, objects to having a public speech recorded? Just a shot in the dark here, but maybe it’s one who doesn’t fit the clinical definition of a journalist.

But it gets even better. The APP quoted O’Keefe trying to justify his surreptitious video tactics by telling the crowd:  “If you want to call out a hypocrite, the best way to do that is look at how he lives his life.”

Nope, can’t make this stuff up …

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